Westy Lung Disease

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Welcome to Westie Lung Disease

Westy/Westie Lung Disease is also known as Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.

This website is about the life of Scamps, a 12 yr old little fella who lives in Sunderland North East England with Ian and Litsa and until 3 weeks ago was a healthy perfect guy with years ahead of him.

Three weeks ago, he started a small cough, then started passing out regularly when exercising. A few days ago he was diagnosed with Westie Lung.

This website is designed to log his time, the disease, and to try and help others in the future who have been given the same heart breaking news understand what is happening and what medications, treatments or help is available.

This is a 100% not for profit/income website, if you feel you can help out, i will gladly add any links as long as they are to help the understanding of this terrible disease, not to just give you financial gain.

Please click on my Blog page to read our diary and there is also a forum that allows people to drop a note to tell us any info they may have, or just to say hello.

Kindest regards